Elite Travel Management

Calgary, Alberta

Elite Travel Management aims to deliver the most elevated business travel experience. The company’s core value is passion and purpose over profit, and it ensures that every team member, vendor, and client shares that same value. That helped lead Elite Travel to its partnership with Deem.

“We work closely with companies who don’t want just a transactional-based experience but appreciate the relationship behind the scenes,” said Elite Travel CEO Adam Danyleko.

Elite Travel Management was founded during a recession in Alberta, Canada, in 2016. While many individuals would shy away from starting a company amid an economic downturn, the team saw it as an opportunity to build a resilient foundation. That strength and flexibility have been advantageous in making it through 2020.

Today, Elite Travel continues to serve midsize enterprise customers who want the combination of a close relationship and leading technology to automate their business travel as much as possible.

When it came to selecting a travel software vendor to serve its clients best, Elite Travel recognized the same commitment to passion and purpose in Deem as it did in itself. Enthusiastic about the product — and the team behind it — Elite Travel moved quickly to implement Deem.

“Deem has the people to support their technology,” said Danyleko. “That’s what’s been missing in the market.”

Implementation kicked off shortly after signing the agreement earlier in January of this year. Elite wanted clients to use the tool by March 1, which meant an expedited implementation process. Deem met Elite’s ambition head-on, achieving all target dates and meeting every deliverable. That was a massive benefit for the Elite Travel team.

“Deem didn’t make promises they couldn’t keep. They always met deadlines, and that especially stood out,” said Danyleko.

Since implementation, Elite Travel has seen that the user interface in the Etta platform and Deem’s customer-first approach ensure product adoption among its clients because it’s more functional than previous business travel applications.

Simply put: Clients can depend on this software to work. Danyleko added that “Etta allows people to book on the go, and to function in the same way I do — opening my iPhone more than my computer.”

Additionally, Travel SafetyCheck, Deem’s award-winning duty of care solution built into the Etta software, has been fundamental in helping people feel safe and comfortable returning to business travel in a post-pandemic world. “From car rentals to airlines, SafetyCheck will make travelers feel more at ease when returning to the road or to the skies for the first time,” said Danyleko.

Following these early successes, Elite Travel is excited about what’s yet to come in its partnership with Deem. “Deem represents outside-the-box thinkers,” said Danyleko. “If something isn’t done today, they are open to making it available tomorrow. Deem continues to work on innovation and listens to customers.”