Case Study: FCM

South Brisbane, Australia

Headquartered in Australia and part of the Flight Centre Travel Group family of brands, FCM is recognized as a leading, award-winning global travel management company. The company prides itself on its commitment to personalizing each customer’s experience, and, with the combined strength of the Flight Centre Travel Group family, is able to create unique offers using its global network of travel content and dedicated travel professionals.

As a company that invests significant time and resources into enhancing its technology platforms and tools, FCM is continually seeking out new partners and innovative solutions to incorporate into their client programs. The Deem-FCM relationship began through a mutual client, Toyota.

Toyota presented FCM with a challenging question: How do we transform our travel program and and make it really work for us? FCM and Toyota immediately turned to Deem.  

“Deem’s agility and functionality combined with a people-centric, collaborative approach to travel management software perfectly aligned with FCM’s values as well as with the needs of Toyota’s program,” said Jennifer Gardien, online product leader, Flight Centre Travel Group, Americas.

Deem puts the traveler at the center of everything we do. We’re sensitive to traveler and business needs, and agile enough to envision and build features that make business travel better for everyone. We recently developed Traveler SafetyCheck, which allows travelers to easily see and understand the safety factors of vendors and neighborhoods all within the booking process. This initiative, from concept to launch, was completed in just 90 days.

“They rolled with us when we needed to pivot from the FCM template to getting Toyota live,” said Gardien. “Our work with Deem on the Toyota program proved not only successful, but served as the foundation for future integrations for years to come.

There is such an excellent group of people at Deem. They are all so energetic and attentive. They provide us with fast and helpful responses, and it’s easy to schedule meetings and calls.

The integration and transition were seamless, and the communication was frequent and clear. It has been a joy working with Deem’s team on the Toyota program and I look forward to working with them for many future client programs.”

Toyota’s team has let us know they’re happy, as well:

"I want to thank Deem from the bottom of my heart for the SafetyCheck enhancement. We spent a lot of time creating information pages and providing links to supplier sites so our travelers can find the safety protocols, but this puts it (and more!) at the point of booking and makes it so much simpler to digest. It is brilliant!" – Rebecca Jeffries, Travel Services Manager, Toyota

FCM’s sales teams are excited about the different ways they can weave Deem into their solutions because they’ve seen it working well with Toyota. They appreciate having alternative options available and they value having the flexibility that strong collaboration provides.

“Our team is thrilled about being able to offer a range of solutions to our prospective clients, especially in the online booking space,” said Patrick Keenan, FCM national sales director. “Like FCM, Deem has plans for the future of travel and is constantly adapting its solution to the ever-changing needs of corporate customers. The level of flexibility is unmatched in the market.”

“FCM values partnerships,“ said Keenan. “The team at Deem has been fantastic to work with and their shared interest in the customer experience resonates so well with our culture. The opportunities for future partnerships are endless when you have a partnership that values the same things – our people and our customers.”