Travel Expense Management Software

The best expense reports start with compliant travel

With Deem Work Fource, employees get easy to use tools they need to book trips and submit expenses, while companies get increased control over suppliers, policy compliance and spend management.

The Best Travel and Expense Solutions

Deem Open Expense allows you to integrate Deem travel data to any expense platform. Deem travel booking transactions flow automatically into the linked expense platform, providing a seamless user experience. Open integration allows for the application of all policy requirements and system settings.

Travel Expense Management

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BENEFITS OF travel and expense INTEGRATION

  • Complete travel lifecycle management –search, book and reimburse

  • Seamless travel Itinerary and receipts flow from Deem to third party expense solution

  • Automated creation of an expense report and attach trip details, receipts for approval

  • Notification – email and mobile for each step of the process

Travel and expense WORKFLOW

We all know how much employees hate creating and submitting expense reports - it’s one of the most time consuming and hated tasks for travelers. At Deem, we’ve made the process as painless as possible.

  • Employee books travel using Deem’s travel and expense platform

  • On completion of the travel itinerary, Deem creates an expense report

  • Deem creates an expense item for the travel itinerary in the expense report

  • The travel reservation receipts are attached and assigned to the report

  • Employee receives a notification via email or SMS with a link to expense report

  • Employee is given the option to review and modify, or submit for approval

  • Employee is reimbursed

  • You happy employee get’s back to their business!

Features of Deem Travel and Expense Integration

  • Corporate Card Integration: Seamless reconciliation with corporate feeds for American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

  • Intelligent Matching: An algorithm that intelligently matches and merges travelers’ receipts with the corresponding credit card records. Transactions automatically update when travelers change or cancel bookings.

  • Policy Engine: Customize policy by segment and individual, set daily limits and cap occurrences by expense type. Notify travelers when out of policy.

  • Cost Allocation: Allocate expenses to different cost segments (projects, locations customers etc.), using unlimited hierarchies, link with profile fields. Import cost segments using an upload file and set up automatic uploads.

  • Approval Permissions and Workflow: Define cost-segment-based and multi-level approval workflow including pre and post, delegate and ad hoc approvers.

  • Integrated ACH payments: Save on the cost of cutting checks and reimburse employees faster with ACH payments.

  • Mileage Reimbursements: Use built-in expense types to calculate mileage expenses based on a configurable mileage rates and distances through Google Maps.

  • General Service Admin (GSA) per diem integration: Configure expense types that calculate hotel and meal per diems based on location and dates.

  • Streamlined Portal: Easy configuration and set up ensures rapid launch and management.

  • Modern Mobile Apps: iPhone and Android apps provide travelers with easy to use interface for capturing expenses on the road.

  • Automated Receipt Processing: Using optical character recognition, Deem expense extracts transaction amounts, currency, date, expense type and merchant name and auto-fills fields requiring less input from the traveler.

  • Personal Credit Card Integration: Deem Expense supports 15,000+ financial institutions globally.

  • Direct Deposit: Travelers receive rapid reimbursement when using ACH payments.

  • Itemization: Travelers can split folios into multiple items, by type, custom field and allocation.

  • Currency Conversion: Built-in currency conversion powered by XE.


“Expense reporting has never been simpler. We have a high compliance rate, improved accuracy, reduced paperwork and scanning, and reduced hours to monitor the program. With the short amount of time and effort it took to set up this program, it was well worth the results.”

— John Malcuit, Controller, Paklab