Ground Transportation For Corporations

Save Time and Money with Ground Work

Are your travelers tired of waiting at passenger pick-up for a surcharged ride share? Be the boss of your business travel program and enable Deem Ground Work.

It’s time for their ride to wait for them.

With Deem Ground Work your travelers can schedule chauffeured transportation beforehand so by the time the airplane hits the runway and they have their bags, their ride is patiently waiting for them.

INFORMATION SHEETS & introduction letters

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Benefits of Ground Work

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Letter to your traveler

Why you need Deem Ground Work

Deem Ground Work provides the only end-to-end ground transportation booking and management platform for corporate travel. With access to thousands of ground transportation providers, Deem helps corporations save money and gain visibility into their ground spend.

Travelers can search and book company preferred ground transportation providers on a single platform that applies policy, rate preferences and preferred providers through one online booking platform and mobile app.

Deem Ground Work integrates with Deem Work Fource, Sabre Red App, Apollo Scripts, GetThere and all the major GDS platforms.

  • Complete write back to GDS PNR

  • Load preferred supplier rates

  • Variety of content choices, including black car, shuttle taxi and more

  • Access full fare and vehicle information

  • Full delegate functionality

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