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Improve travel for the entire team with Etta, powered by Deem.
Designed for Every Body
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Travel is for every body, and with Etta, you get a powerful travel solution designed with accessibility in mind. Etta offers travelers an effortless, intuitive platform that gives travelers the power to quickly book or modify a trip, view flight seat maps, get health and safety updates, and more. Learn how Etta makes it easier to travel for everyone with features to help those with:

Vision Impairments
Etta uses colors that meet WCAG guidelines for contrast, color coding with other signals for the color blind, and can be easily be navigated using screen readers.

Motor Impairments
Travelers can use Etta for iOS using a keyboard, specialized switch, or other input device for a logical and predictable focus indicators.

Other Cognitive Conditions
Etta for iOS is simple and clean to deliver clear, concise information with straightforward descriptions packaged in a clean, calm interface.