Deem Launches Collective Program with 25 TMC Partners

June 2, 2020


San Francisco, CA – June 2, 2020 – Deem, a leading mobile and cloud technology provider for the corporate travel industry, today announced Deem Collective, a new cooperative marketing and technology program for the travel management community. By offering marketing funds and saving partners deployment expenses with its Rise platform, Deem is actively working to help TMCs thrive through difficult times.

Travel management companies need help driving revenue faster once travel resumes. To that end, members of Deem Collective receive a number of benefits, including access to marketing funds, a customized marketing program to help drive awareness and leads, sales training, access to Deem events and sales representative incentives.

Additionally, Deem Rise enables customer self-deployment, allowing TMCs to provide innovative technology to their users without the cost of developer-led customization and deployment. No other software provider offers this help for TMCs to become more profitable sooner.

“Travel management companies are under pressure from recent entrants in the corporate travel space as well as an uncertain global travel environment,” said John F. Rizzo, CEO, Deem. “By partnering with Deem, our TMC partners can offer their customers a better user experience and focus on their strengths – providing proactive support and making sure travelers get where they’re going safely and with the least amount of stress.”

TMCs can now offer corporations the choice of two travel booking and management platforms: Deem’s self-onboarding and light customization platform, Rise, or its enterprise level and highly customizable platform, Work Fource.

Deem Rise upends the economics of online managed travel, speeding revenue and optimizing personnel efforts for deployment. Rise is a mobile-first, self-service solution for TMCs that serve the needs of corporations with small to mid-sized travel programs and fewer customization needs. It provides the most traveler-loved features of Deem’s enterprise level platform, Work Fource, and the integrated service provisions of partner TMCs at a cost-effective scale.

Deem Rise benefits TMCs by cutting time to deployment and active online transactions and revenue to days, rather than months. And, it needs virtually no services personnel to deploy. With continued pressure on business travel, Rise offers an economically efficient platform that drives higher margins, especially when it comes to the middle market and small to medium-sized businesses.

“While some companies might be lured in by flashy marketing, most discerning travel managers know they need an experienced travel management company to serve their travelers,” said Brent Blake, President, Acendas Travel. “With a platform like Deem’s and our travel market expertise, we can help our customers save money and take the hassle out of managing travel.”

“We’ve been a loyal customer of Deem’s for years and our travelers love it,” said Cami Earsley, Corporate Travel Director, Ellison Technologies. “The platform is so fast and easy to use, and if our travelers need help, they know they can call our travel management company and talk to a real live person in seconds.”

“We’ve been managing travel since 1983 and we know what travelers and their corporations need,” said Bob Campbell, CEO, Campbell Travel. “Unique solutions to today’s problems, great service and value for their money. That’s what we give them every day.”

“We know companies have unique needs when it comes to travel,” said David Grace, Chief Revenue Officer, Deem. “So, we’ve taken the time to launch a suite of intuitive and personalized solutions for them.”

“We’re excited to launch the new Collective program with our partners,” said Annette Cumming, VP Channel Sales, Deem. “We’ve been working together for many years, through many changing environments and we believe we’re stronger working together than we are alone.”

“The corporate travel environment is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate,” said John Coffman, Chief Financial Officer, Direct Travel. “Companies need a dedicated travel management company to provide smart consultation, tailored solutions and a true partnership to help them find their way through.”

Deem’s suite of intuitive and personalized solutions can be customized for SMB clients or global enterprises alike. Customers can access fast onboarding, rich data insights and seamless integrations with their preferred expense provider. For a full list of Deem partners visit

Deem was recently featured as advancing mobile and personalization innovations in Levvel Research’s 2019 Travel and Expense Management Insight Report. The report underscored Deem’s consumer-like user experience, its global content and capabilities, and the ability to connect to any GDS, TMC or expense provider solution. IDC ranks Deem as a Major Player, and CV Magazine awarded Deem Most Outstanding Business Travel Solutions Provider in 2018 and 2019.