Deem Enhances its Shopping Experience with ATPCO’s Routehappy Rich Content

May 5, 2020


San Francisco, CA – May 5, 2020 – Deem, a leading mobile and cloud technology provider for the corporate travel industry, today announced it will offer greater flight details in its business travel management platform by integrating ATPCO’s UTAs, a type of Routehappy Rich Content, the industry standard for quickly communicating useful, visual information about the benefits and restrictions of the services that passengers purchase. Deem will make the new content features available to users in mid-May.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to provide the most complete information to travelers without complicating their booking experience,” said Deem CEO John F. Rizzo. “With rapid changes in the travel industry, particularly now, upping the value technology can bring to travelers and agents is key.”

“Travelers and agents need to see at-a-glance merchandising content, that is relevant, accurate and trusted” said Carrie DeMoss, Head of Customer Integrations ATPCO. “ATPCO’s UTAs help corporate travelers understand what fare benefits or restrictions they will receive on the ticket they are shopping for. This consumer-friendly content informs shoppers of refundability, boarding priority, baggage allowance and more and helps to de-commoditize flight shopping, Deem’s innovative integration is a big win for their customers.”

This new rich content integration will help Deem enhance the flight comparison shopping feature for its travelers. ATPCO’s real-time information will further optimize Deem Work Fource with reliable airline details that travelers need to make the right decisions for their trips, especially as the industry and road warriors grapple with uncertain global travel conditions.

Etta is Deem’s enterprise-grade managed travel solution that delivers a fast, seamless booking experience for travelers. It offers complete customization based on parameters outlined by a company’s travel program and helps travel managers optimize their budgets and savings with visibility across travel spend. Deem’s intuitive, consumer-like user experience provides a high level of personalization, so travelers can stay focused on productivity instead of spending time managing their trips. Work Fource can connect to a corporation’s choice of GDS, TMC or expense provider solution, making it a best-in-class travel solution for any type of business.


ATPCO is the world’s leading provider of pricing and retailing content, tools, and services to airlines, global distribution systems, travel agencies, and technology companies. ATPCO works with 440+ airlines and 200+ sales channels globally, with a focus on driving innovation, reducing complexity, and delivering network economics to the entire distribution ecosystem, ATPCO continues to develop new standards and technology solutions that are underpinned by its reliable airline pricing data that lies at the foundation of flight shopping. Owned by airlines, ATPCO content and standards ensure industry-wide consistency, including for NDC, NGS TM and dynamic pricing. Building off its 2018 acquisition of Routehappy, its retailing solutions are also setting the standard by which airlines differentiate their products using compelling rich content, and which channel partners are using to create informative, next-gen shopping displays. For additional information, visit