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Robust policy engine

Deem’s completely customizable platform makes configuring your travel policies a snap.

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Dynamic site messaging

Keeps travelers informed about everything from out-of-policy bookings to real-time emergencies.

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Automatic trip notifications

Instant updates on check-ins, flight changes, and cancellations via text or email.

Health and safety information built into the booking flow to help guide travelers to safer travel choices.

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Virtual payments

Our Virtual Pay feature protects your business and your travelers from credit card fraud.

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Automated ticket exchange

Proactive technology lets your travelers rebook, reuse, or refund unused tickets automatically.

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Guest Travel

Book and manage travel for your guests (non-profiled travelers) or let your guests book on Deem.

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Self-guided training

Travelers train themselves with Ask Deem's step-by-step guided help and training.

Deem integrations



We integrate with all the GDS providers including Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport.

Southwest Direct Access

Direct connection with Southwest gives your travelers access to full Southwest Airlines inventory.

Low-cost air

Integration with TravelFusion gives your travelers direct connections to additional low-cost air carriers.


In addition to traditional GDS hotel content, we’re also integrated with Booking.com, TripSource, and HotelHub.


Access to multiple rail carriers including VIA Rail, Amtrak, ATOK (UK), Eurostar, and more.


Automatic calendar updates

Calendar entries are generated automatically with every booking—no clicking or saving necessary. Fully integrated with Exchange Server, LDAP, iCal and Google calendar, and all information is embeddedlive, so it automatically updates when travel plans change.

Open Expense

Deem Travel transactions flow automatically into most expense platforms, providing a seamless user experience. Open integration allows for the application of all policy requirements and system settings.

Pre-trip approval

Review 100% of traveler bookings, but only act on those that are out-of-policy. Fully customizable rules can be set to trigger pre-trip approvals on trips that you want flagged.

Easier meetings

With our Intelligent Meetings feature, you get full integration with the industry’s most popular meeting platform, Cvent.
Finance Teams

For Finance Teams

Control your travel costs, track spending, and drive growth.
HR Pros

For HR Pros

Keep traveling employees engaged and safe.
Travel Managers

For Travel Managers

Make your road warriors and your C-suite happier.

Right there with you

Our legendary customer success team gets you up and running with Deem quickly and offers unrivaled support for your road warriors.
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