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Step-by-step guide: How to book a trip

How to toggle between classic and our new Etta web experience
  • To toggle from classic Etta to the new Etta web experience, hover over the circle/cog icon in the upper right corner and select Switch to new Etta
  • To toggle from the new Etta web experience to classic Etta, select the toggle icon

Book Travel
  • From the trip planner page you can select the service you would like to book. (Air, Car, Hotel). Rail services are not available at this time

Note: You would start with one service, but you can add additional services during the booking process

Additional flight Options
  • Round Trip or One-Way (Multi City is not currently available)
  • Class of service

Note: click on Coach/Economy just above the return time. If upper classes of services are allowed to view on the site you will see them in the drop down

Booking Air

In this example, we will start with Flights, and will continue on to add Hotel and Car during the booking process

  • Enter departure (from) and destination (to) airports. You can enter the airport code or city, and a drop down menu will appear for you to select the correct airport.
  • Select your departure date and return date
  • Select the time you would like to leave or arrive for the outbound and return
  • Click on Search button

Search Results
  • Click on more filters to narrow down search results, such as nonstop, 1 stop, as well as specific carriers and much more
  • To change class of service, dates of travel and airport, click on the airport search box. Filters will expand to allow for you to make needed changes

Flight Options
  • You can see at a glance the different fares, Basic Economy (If enabled), Non-Refundable and Refundable/Unrestricted, along with EcoCheck, flight duration time, and flight details. Preferred vendors will be annotated with a green badge.
  • Preview Seats

  • By selecting Flight Details just under the flight details or when hovering over Select, you can compare fares, view EcoCheck and Amenities, and much more

  • Click on Select just below the fare/flight you would like to book for the outbound and then repeat the process for the return flight

Review Your Trip

You can now add a hotel or car to your itinerary

  • Click the tab of the service you would like to add

Add Hotel
  • You will be brought to the hotel search page. Confirm the location and dates for your hotel stay and click on the search button to view your search results.
  • Note: the default is set at the city center

  • The following example depicts a search for hotels near the Minneapolis airport

  • Hint: The hotel map is interactive. If you click on the hotel price tag within the map, you will be brought directly to the hotel on the left-hand side to easily find the property.

  • Click on the hotel you are interested in booking. A window will pop up on the right side.  This window will not only show you the rates grouped by bed size, starting with King, but you will also see amenities, photos, etc. allowing you to make an informed decision. Hotels that do not fall within your company’s policy will be shown with the out of policy indicator.
  • Hotels are sorted by bed type, beginning with King

  • Once you have selected your hotel, you will be brought back to the “Review your trip” page.  You can then continue through to check out or add a rental car.

Add Car Rental

  • Click on the tab labeled Add Car Rental

  • You will be brought to the car search page where you can confirm the pickup location and dates, and then click on the search button
  • Note: the default location is the airport

  • You will see at a glance your preferred car vendor, Safety Check, as well as EcoCheck emissions data and car details
  • Next, select the car you would like to reserve by clicking Select. If you would like to filter the search results further, you can adjust the filters at the top of the screen.

  • By clicking on More Details, you will have the ability to view complete details, such as pick-up and drop-off location, EcoCheck, pricing breakdown, and much more
  • Click on Select to confirm the car you would like to add to your reservation

Review Trip
  • Once you have selected your car, you will be brought back to the Review your trip page. When reviewing your trip for accuracy, ensure you understand the rules of your trip.  You can then continue through to the Checkout page.
  • You can rename your trip by clicking on the pencil icon next to the trip name to the right in the cost summary box
  • You can remove services by clicking on the trash icon next to the service
  • You may choose seats for your flight(s) by clicking on Select Seats
  • Note: If you are out of policy, you will see Select Reason within the out of policy segment.  Click on Select Reason and choose an appropriate reason.
  • To change any leg of your flight, click on Change Flight/Hotel/Car just below the segment. Note: You will be brought back through the search process to select a new flight, hotel or car.

  • This is your opportunity to validate personal and payment information, as well as any additional required information. To proceed through to the next section, click on Continue. If your credit card information is on file, you will be presented with a Book Now button.
  • Hint: If your credit card is not on file, enter your card information. This information will save to your traveler profile and will be applied to your booking.

  • If you are ready to purchase, click Book Now

Your booking has been confirmed