New Research: Travel Managers' Insights on Booking Technology

On-demand Webinar
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On-demand Webinar

The rise of the internet revolutionized how people shop for travel. Today, managed travel programs almost universally use corporate online booking tools (OBTs). This webinar will present findings from a recent GBTA study about corporate booking technology.
Key topics include:

  1. Coronavirus: How has Covid-19 changed business travel booking?
  2. Priorities: What are the most important factors when selecting an OBT? What do travel managers view as strengths and pain points with their primary OBT?
  3. Innovation: How do travel managers feel about booking-related innovations such as AI-powered personalized options and automated chat?
  4. Mobile: Do travel programs offer mobile booking? Are they satisfied with mobile booking tools?


David Grace

Mark Sharoff
Senior Research Analyst