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On-demand Webinar

Get your questions ready! Join the Deem team for the product Q&A session.


Kirstie McLatchie
Director, Product Strategy Deem

Kirstie McLatchie is the Director of Product Strategy at Deem, contributing to the vision, strategic direction, and innovation of the Etta travel platform. Kirstie is driven by the belief that there is a solution for every problem, she takes pride in solving the challenges of everyday life through engaging and intuitive products.

Harper Lieblich
Senior Director, Product Experience Deem

Harper started his career as a ski instructor and graphic designer. With the advent of the iPhone and App Store, he moved into product design, eventually running the User Experience team at iHeartRadio, where he oversaw design across platforms including automotive displays, smart speakers and smart watches.

Tim Ring
Senior Solutions Consultant Deem

Tim Ring is a travel veteran, having begun his career as a Travel Agent for a regional agency in Denver many years ago. Tim has worked for some of the largest TMCs and technology companies in operations, account management and pre-sales roles, including CWT, American Express GBT, GetThere, Travelocity Business, Rearden Commerce (before it was Deem), and Concur, where he was a five time Presidents Club recipient. Tim returned to Deem in 2019 to build out our Solutions Consultant team and considers himself a "Re-Deemer."

Rachel Nelson
Senior Solutions Consultant Deem

Rachel Nelson is a Consultant to business leaders, helping to improve travel programs, decrease traveler health and safety risk, and lower travel costs through a tailored mobile, cloud based travel solution. She is currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Garner Swann
Solutions Architect Deem

Garner Swann has spent many years at Deem in various roles including director product manager, director of business development and senior QA manager. Before Deem, Garner held technical support roles at Asian American Recovery Services and American Express and support roles at United Airlines. He completed a BA at the University of California and now resides in San Francisco.