Deem Honored by G2 Winter 2022 Best Relationship Award

April 21, 2022

There’s nothing better than receiving an award from the people using your product every day. Winning the #1 spot on G2’s Best Relationship list is akin to winning the People’s Choice Award, and we’re thrilled about it.

The award means that thousands of corporate travel platform users ranked our relationship with them as best in class, with Etta receiving a 9.59 out of 10 on the G2 Travel Management Relationship index.

The awards are based on authentic, unbiased, timely reviews from verified users. The “Best Relationship” award includes criteria such as “ease of business,” “likely to recommend,” and “quality of support.”  We’re not ones to brag, but we won a whole slew of G2 awards. (And if you’d like to read more about their selection process and methodology, you can dive into it here.)

The service and overall performance has been great in managing all travel programs.
—Dominic C., Program Manager

Our mobile-first platform, Etta, was built to transform the corporate travel experience. We wanted to give travelers a seamless, safe, delightful experience as they navigate the often challenging waters of traveling for work. Every feature we create at Deem relentlessly focuses on our users, and it’s validating to know they think we’re doing a great job. 

Our corporate travel customer approach

Working with customers requires a complex set of people skills. These are skills that sometimes get lost in the world of technology.

When I work with clients, I'm making collaborative decisions with my customer stakeholders to determine what features they should enable, how we can expand their travel programs, and how Deem enhancements can most positively impact their travelers.

It's important for me to know our customers, their business models, and how they measure success. How is Etta transforming travel for their employees? It’s my responsibility to understand how our solution helps drive their business and success forward. In doing so, I can anticipate customer needs and, at each meeting, be prepared to discuss which enhancements and new features will have the most impact for them.

My experience with this platform has been great. I can give it 5 stars in rating for its great service in our company.
—Ronald H., HR Manager

My role is really about getting to know our customers and their unique needs. That means we never employ a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we customize Etta to meet the needs of our many diverse clients. 

Bridging the gaps for business travel clients

The next step is the most important, the most elusive, and yet the simplest: listen. This seems easy and should be second nature for those of us in client-facing roles. But somehow a lot of us do a great job at tuning out the most important voices in the room—the users’.

Our clients often speak a little differently than we do. We’re an agile tech company with our own lingo and vernacular. Our brick-and-mortar clients bring a different language to the table. We have to be thoughtful about how we’re listening. 

We’re constantly attuned to and asking for feedback far beyond our initial conversations. Part of being an agile development team means we’re adaptive, we gather ongoing feedback, and constantly iterate on behalf of our clients.

Deem has an incredibly high client retention rate and we like to think a big part of that is because the travel managers and travelers feel heard. We solicit feedback and engagement in a variety of ways, at every phase of their journey with Etta.

Full visibility into what every traveler has booked. Customer service is always top notch.
—Jane G., Head of National Programs

A lot of important chatter happens outside of meetings—on social media, in support tickets, and in surveys. Support tickets, for instance, are a key in gaining insight into what our users are saying and want. Of course, clients file support tickets when situations or issues arise. I keep an eye on those and if the issue seems to be impacting the client or user experience negatively in any way, I will pick up the phone and talk through their concerns with them.

I then channel customer feedback to our development team and we triage and resolve any issues as quickly as possible without disruption to the corporate client or their travelers. I’m the ambassador for our clients; I translate their needs to our technical team in a way that’s practical for them.

Building relationships from the inside out

How I treat my clients is reflective of our phenomenal culture here at Deem. Deem employees are all trying to win together and be better together. Leadership is interested in what everyone has to say. They listen with respect and kindness, which is how we listen to our clients. 

At Deem, our cross-functional relationships thrive on trust and transparency. From the president to the engineers to every stakeholder, we’re all open to constructive criticism so that great work can be achieved together. 

The Deem leadership team fosters confidence and camaraderie that extends to our users every step of the way. When you’re doing the right thing internally, coming to work every day feels good—for everyone, including our clients. And we’re so honored that the G2 Best Relationships award reflects that.

We’d like to hear from you, too. If you’re interested in a collaborative relationship, one that supports your travel program needs and goals, then I’m ready to listen.


If you’d like to see what Etta can do, request a platform demo today.


Jess Jennings
Director of Client Strategy

Jessica has refined her expertise in travel technology, payment, and expense over the last 14 years. She's excelled in consultative selling, business development, account management, and product delivery as well as consulting on strategic end-to-end travel program design and optimization for enterprise accounts. Her previous experience includes the SaaS, travel and expense management technology, and lodging-as-a-service industries at companies such as KDS, BCD Travel, Chrome River, and HRS.

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