Say Hello to: Nikolaj Koster, Deem mobility

May 27, 2021

We're thrilled to introduce Nikolaj Koster, our mobility expert helping to lead Deem's efforts as this important area continues to rapidly evolve and grow. Following is a transcript of the video above.

Hi there, my name is Nikolaj Koster and I’m incredibly excited to join Deem earlier this year, and this is my quick introduction.

So, I come from 10 years in mobility. I cofounded two mobility tech companies in Europe. One was called Drivr, where we helped the existing taxi and black car companies modernize.

The second one we did was a concept a small rickshaw vehicle for urban transportation. So, think sort of a small, three-wheel Thailand tuk tuk, but in carbon fiber for safety and electric for zero emissions. We couple this with what we called an on-demand carpooling system, and the idea was to try to get fewer vehicles on the roads with more people inside of them. And we called it Spiri.

So, why Deem and mobility? Well, we think that there is a pretty significant opportunity to help the corporate traveler move around the world in a much smarter way. This means using the different modes of mobility that makes most sense for the point of time in the journey. So that's anything from taxi to black car, ride hail, train, public transportation, and even walking. So that's what I'm working on and you can expect to hear much more about that.

And then, lastly, just to share with you what I’m most excited about, and that's self-driving cars or self-driving systems. It's really about solving the congestion, the pollution. It's about getting our cities back.It's about building parks instead of parking lots, and making the roads much, much, much safer.

And I think we’re in for a treat with this massive shift in how mobility will work for everyone. And it’s really sort of a shift away from individual car ownership over to a system for everyone that’s autonomous and emissions-free.

That's it for now. Thank you for your time and do feel free to reach out to me and LinkedIn if you have any questions or if you want to connect. Thank you.


Nikolaj Koster
Sr. Director, Business Development and Strategy

Nikolaj is an accomplished business development professional, strategist, and entrepreneur, with more than 10 years focused on the mobility-as-a-service industry. His frequent speaking engagements include appearances throughout Europe, and he serves as a business mentor in the Nordic and Baltic tech sector. Now based in San Francisco, California, Nikolaj is helping lead Deem to new achievements in mobility.

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