Case Study: Maupin Travel

Raleigh, NC

Deem Customer Story: Maupin Travel Offers Deem Business Travel Technology for its Mobile App

Maupin Travel’s history and its mission of helping people experience the world is what led current president, Trevor Smith, to the company in 2014. Maupin has been operating in the Triangle area in North Carolina for more than 41 years, and is primarily focused on corporate, university, and non-profit group travel in addition to higher-end vacation travel.

“We believe that travel is more impactful and more complicated than ever,” said Smith. “In our constantly evolving travel environment, our goal is to deliver our customers wise counsel and peace of mind – to quiet the noise and provide clarity.”

Maupin is proud of its philosophy and its approach to serving its customers. A key component of its business is offering modern and powerful technology, but not at the expense of the human aspect of travel management. The company has highly experienced and specialized agents, known as advisors, who are a crucial component of its service platform.

Maupin provides a higher-touch experience for customers who value both the human and technology sides of the business. Smith explains, “We have all the tools that you need and we also have the team that works closely with you, the customer, to really customize a program for your unique objectives.”

This approach to business – highlighting personal service combined with robust, customized travel management technology solutions – deeply compliments Deem’s values and philosophy. From the start, Maupin experienced Deem’s commitment to partnership, whether participating in demos with the Maupin team or having the broader Deem team meet with Maupin during migrations.

“It’s a night and day difference [from some of the other platforms,]” said Smith. “The whole Deem team is smart and engaging, and clearly demonstrates that this is an actual partnership where we can work well together. The partnership, and the fact that the fantastic relationship we’ve already experienced with Enterprise is now continuing with Deem, is really exciting for us.”

“Deem is so responsive and supportive of our needs, and to our customers,” added Smith. “We look to Deem as an extension of our team. After calls that include Deem’s people, our customers are left feeling confident and reassured. It’s good for everybody.”

Technology is equally important for Maupin and its customers. Other platforms Maupin presented to customers in the past were “rigid and felt like big-box, legacy platforms” that didn’t always work or were too difficult for clients to use and manage easily on their own. With Deem, Smith cites specific functionality such as the clean, modern design that’s easy to use, the HelpMe feature to walk clients through what they need right at the time they need it, and Traveler SafetyCheck, which, “in a post-Covid world is so necessary for travelers and will help us further set ourselves apart.”

Another key reason why Maupin has moved a number of its customers to Deem is its mobile app. Other solutions with compatible mobile apps tend to have limited capability. Maupin’s clients need a mobile app that’s intuitive, reliable, and able to book and manage all parts of a traveler’s trip, including air.

Deem’s mobile app enables travelers to book and manage all parts of their trip in one place. And, Deem works with a number of global distribution systems (GDSs), including Amadeus, which is critical for Maupin’s customers and their travelers.

For Maupin’s corporate customers, it makes sense to have an online booking platform that’s also available as a mobile-first app. “Our customers are road warriors, and there’s nothing worse than pulling out your laptop and trying to connect to a hot spot on your phone, if it’s available,” said Smith. “It’s a disservice to our customers to offer an app that can’t do everything they need. Deem’s mobile app does.”