Case Study: Sun Travel

El Paso, TX

The situation

When Sylvia Alatorre joined Sun Travel, the company was a traditional, full-service agency that had been family owned for three generations. With 20 years in the travel industry, Sylvia knew the slow speed of and high prices generated by their online booking tool limited her ability to win accounts.

The solution

“When we found Etta by Deem and everything changed,” Alatorre says. “Deem’s vision aligns with our own: take care of the customer above all. So we were able to say ‘If you book through this online booking tool that we manage for you, we will guarantee you are getting the best rates and that your travelers are being taken care of around the clock.’”

The results

The impact on Sun Travel’s new business was immediate, giving them the tool they needed to level the playing field and beat the competition. And for Sylvia, she found she was winning business that seemed impossible before, including school districts and colleges.

And day-to-day operations were smoother, too. Lost ticket investments are one of Sylvia’s clients’ top pain points—they were losing thousands of dollars annually to unused tickets and reservations. But Etta keeps track of unused tickets and allows them to recoup those dollars without hassle. Alatorre’s clients also struggled to implement and enforce complex travel policies. With Etta, Sun Travel can walk travel managers through the policy settings, so when it’s time for travelers to book and manage their travel, they know exactly what’s in policy.

“I’ve had a client email me to say, ‘Sylvia, this system is amazing. I was walking to my connection when I received a text message telling me to turn around because my gate was changed from 2B to 21C.’ Deem helps give them more time—their most valuable asset.”

Sylvia Alatorre, Sun Travel