Toyota Motor North America

Gardena, CA

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA), a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, has been operating in North America for more than 60 years, overseeing operations in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Its operations include research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, after sales and corporate functions. TMNA operates 14 sales regions, 8 vehicle manufacturing facilities and 5 parts manufacturing centers and is committed to advancing sustainable, next generation mobility.

TMNA switched to Deem’s online booking platform in 2020. They have over 13,000 active travelers and 80% of those are using the Deem platform to book their corporate travel.

“We’re really happy with our 80% adoption of the [Deem] platform,” says Rebecca Jeffries, Travel Services Manager, Toyota Motor North America. “This helps us lower costs and achieve our transaction expense budget. Our travelers love using the platform and especially like the 24/7 self-service functionality.”

Toyota also recently implemented an Uber for Business account to maintain tighter control of their rideshare usage and spend. They are one of the first users to link their Uber for Business account with the Deem platform and onboard their employees.

“We want travelers to make the most cost-effective decision when it comes to ground transportation and with the ability to schedule Uber rides in the Deem app, that is an easier process for them,” says Jeffries. “Another benefit is we are always trying to introduce new innovative features so that our travelers want to use the system.”

Since connecting their Uber for Business account with the Deem platform Toyota has increased the ability to enforce their travel policy and enhance compliance efforts by growing their employee linkage rate by 61%.

Uber for Business offers customizable products that allow traveler managers to better enforce T&E policy by setting parameters on usage for things like pickup and dropoff locations, ride type, and more. These custom controls help govern how employees request rides within the Uber and Deem app, facilitating compliant rides.