Case Study: Travel Edge

Toronto, Canada

The situation

In 2019, Travel Edge recorded roughly $750 million in revenue, with the majority coming from clients booking and managing travel for 20 travelers or more and with at least $500,000 in annual travel bookings. It was clear that a consolidated travel program could not only help them slash costs for their clients, but would also make customers happy. 

The solution

When we started working with Travel Edge, we had a few goals. We wanted to shave off 15% of their customers’ travel budgets. We wanted to increase adoption for the travelers (because better adoption means more savings). And we wanted most of all for their clients’ travelers to be super happy. “With Etta, we work directly with providers on the client’s behalf and negotiate contracts and discounts,” says Becky Kingston, Travel Edge’s vice president of client services. “We then load those rates into Etta, so the preferred supplier discounts are available every time someone books.” 

The results

Trace3 is a Travel Edge client that tried and failed with two other travel booking platforms. But once they transitioned to Etta, everything was better. “Before, Trace3 was totally unhappy and felt ignored,” says Kingston. “Now with Etta, we’re able to give them lots of attention and focus on growing with them.’”

With Etta, Travel Edge is able to improve their clients’ travel policy enforcement, save them money by reminding them of unused tickets, and make travel easier and more productive for employees.

“We realized our clients needed a managed, integrated online corporate booking platform to manage all of their employee travel and expenses.”

Becky Kingston, Vice President Corporate Travel, Travel Edge