Case Study: Verichek

Bethel Park, PA

Company: Verichek HQ: Bethel Park, PA

Industry: Metal / 22 years as metal analysis leader

Verichek Technical Services, founded in 1922 serves the needs of the metals industry by supplying metal analyzing spectrometers and servicing of equipment in the United States and Canada. With their travelers on the road it’s important for Verichek to manage costs, streamline their program and integrate with their travel management company.


Verichek was frustrated with the lack of functionality in the Concur online booking and expense management platforms.

“It had numerous shortcomings and didn’t really meet our expectations,” said Jeff Froetschel, Accounting Manager, Verichek. “Concur didn’t provide the capabilities they stated it would and when we needed support it was difficult to get a response from anyone on their team.

Verichek started their search for a new travel technology provider. They were looking for a solution with the same capabilities as Concur but with improved customer service and compatibility with their travel management company.

“We looked at a number of different systems throughout the year,” said Froetschel. “Some didn’t offer integrated travel and expense solutions and others were too expensive.”

During Verichek’s search, they discovered challenges with many of the technology platforms - everything from a difficult to use interface to time consuming reconciliation and accounting.


Verichek was determined to find a solution that was user friendly, technologically robust and answered the needs and expectations of everyone on their team. With the help of their travel management company, Verichek found a solution that focuses on the end user – with functionality that encourages user engagement and enhances access ability while being totally secure.

“We know our customers need customizable solutions that ensure the unique needs of a company’s workforce are met,” said John F. Rizzo, President and Chief Operating Officer, Deem. “Our solutions are fully adaptable - giving travelers access to a fast and efficient booking tool and corporations access to features that save them time and money.”

“With Deem we’ve found solutions to our biggest pain points,” said Froetschel.

Verichek deployed the Deem Work Fource platform to their travelers. Employees are now saving time and money booking and managing their travel, and submitting expenses.

“We spent a substantial amount of time and consulting with our travelers and they find it easier and more reliable than Concur, due to minimal down time and actual responsiveness from customer support.”

- Jeff Froetschel


Verichek implemented Deem Work Fource in less than six weeks with minimal technological requirements or complex administration. Travelers are happy with the new platform and Froetschel’s team love the self-service and efficient environment.

“We can set policies much faster than we ever could with Concur and assisting travelers when they need it is super easy,” said Froetschel. “It’s saving everyone time and money. We love it.”