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San Francisco picture Deem’s HQ is located in the heart of San Francisco, CA.

A Letter from Our CEO

Deem is a company full of potential and rich with assets. We are passionate and committed to all of our stakeholders – customers, employees and shareholders - and we are focused on being a company that we all are proud of. We believe in the virtues of a meritocracy and invest heavily in our people, enabling them to live up to their potential and discover new opportunities and areas of strength to drive their careers.

We are seeking missionaries to join us on this journey. We are seeking problem solvers. We are seeking doers. We are seeking those that possess the intellectual horsepower and curiosity to affect change. We are seeking those that share our values and truly believe in them.

We’re changing the world of commerce and having fun while doing it. I encourage you to read more about our vision and mission, visit our Why Deem and News & Events pages and spend some time checking out our products. If you’re ready for your next adventure and this sounds like it’s for you, take a look at our open positions below.

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Patrick W. Grady

Founder and CEO Deem Inc.

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Deem's Values

Our core values guide the actions we take and the decisions we make. They are the foundation of how we conduct business and the way we interact with others and ourselves. As members of the Deem team, we live these values every day, and we strive to continuously improve at everything we do.

  • We own it.

    We make decisions, spend time, and spend money like it is our own. We areaccountable for our actions and hold others accountable for their actions too—regardless of position, title, level, role, department, or location. We don't look the other way. We own and drive initiatives. We don't wait. We take immediate action when it's required.

  • We deliver because we are reliable.

    Our stuff works. We deliver with predictability and quality. We are consistent—and aspire to be consistently great. We are there for each other and all our constituents. You can count on us because we do what we say we're going to do.

  • We are committed

    We are committed in everything we do. We are all in. When we make a decision, hire a person, or enter into a partnership, we are committed to winning. We do our homework to build our expertise. We treat our partners' businesses and customers as if they are our own. We develop our people.

  • We are honest so that we are trusted.

    We are all in. When we make a decision, hire a person, or enter into a partnership, we are committed to winning. We do our homework to build our expertise. We treat our partners' businesses and customers as if they are our own. We develop our people.

  • We are leaders.

    We are pioneers. We are experts. We provide solutions. Others approach us for answers. We are intellectually curious. We suspend disbelief and defy the status quo. We are inventive and creative.

  • We collaborate so that we are improving.

    We act as one. We are integrated. We are a team. Our debate is constructive. We welcome ideas and listen. We respect each other. We seek the best solutions for all stakeholders. We actively engage and volunteer our ideas and contributions.

  • We want to win.

    We don't give up. We are relentless. We persevere. We don't fail—we prevail. We are committed to success. We want quality. We do things that matter.

  • Health and Wellness

    At Deem we believe that happy and healthy employees are productive employees. In addition to full medical, dental and vision coverage we offer a wide range of health and wellness related benefits including gym subsidies, in-office massage therapists, an array of healthy snacks, regular biometric screenings and a range of additional wellness-based programs and perks. Health and wellness doesn’t begin or end when you walk into the office and Deem’s employees are equipped to be their best, most productive selves all year round.

  • Education

    Don’t worry, we’re not talking about book reports. Industries like education and healthcare talk about and require continuing education throughout careers and at Deem we believe it’s just as important in the technology industry. Tech moves at roughly a million miles per hour so there’s no time to get complacent or rest on your laurels. Our employees boast expertise in a wide array of skills and disciplines but learning new ones is a way of life here. From boot camps and workshops throughout the year to expensed conferences and adopting new technologies, Deem encourages employees to never stop learning and developing expertise that will serve them throughout their careers.

  • Fun

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and employees bored and restless. Enjoy Wine Club on Tuesday, Beer Club on Wednesday or start your own through the Deem Culture Club. Head down the street to AT&T Park for a ballgame with your coworkers or find a game closer by with pool, ping pong, foosball and pop-a-shot here in the office. Take a load off in the break room to watch your favorite team (or suffer through a Yankees game with our CEO) while enjoying a beer from the kegerator or a selection of fresh squeezed juices from LivBlends, or challenge your boss to Mario Kart for N64 or NBA Jam for Sega Genesis to see who’s really HEATING UP!