Etta Release Notes

Etta Platform Release

Release 2022.10

Avid Hotels Added to IHG Hotel Brand
Avid hotels have been added to the IHG hotel brand. Travelers can now search for and book Avid hotels.

Country Code Added to CTCM
Country codes will be included in the customer mobile phone number (CTCM) in the emergency contact for special service requests (SSR) messages.

United Airlines and Key Lime Air Interline Agreement
Interline agreement between United Airlines and Key Lime Air is now available. Travelers can now book both airlines together in one booking.

Branded Fares for Scandinavian Airlines
Branded fares are now available for Scandinavian Airlines. Travelers can now search and book branded fares for Scandinavian Airlines.

Copa Airlines Removed from Apollo and Worldspan
Copa Airlines has been removed from Apollo and Worldspan. Travelers will no longer see Copa Airlines on the flight search results page.

Disable Split Ticketing for Same Carrier
Split Ticketing will not be offered when booking with the same carrier for a roundtrip flight. This update prevents travelers from being denied when boarding with two tickets that are issued for the same carrier in one PNR. Contact Deem customer support to enable this configuration.