Etta Release Notes

Etta Platform Release

Release 2022.11

Remove Delegates Shortcut
Travel admins can save time by using the HR feed to remove delegates.

Unused Tickets for Vistara
Air Vistara unused tickets can now be uploaded and redeemed on Deem.

Pin Seat for Amadeus
Amadeus customers now have access to the Pin Seat feature. Pin Seat allows travelers to temporarily select and hold multiple seats while they cross shop.

Branded Fares Enhancement
Additional branded fares have been added for Alaska Airlines and JetBlue.

Amadeus Profile Update
The TravelerRecordLocator profile field has been added to the Amadeus profile schema.

GOL Airlines Removed
GOL Airlines have been removed for Apollo subscribers.

Elite Vehicle Badge
Elite badges have been added in the car rental results page to help highlight elite vehicles types.

Transavia Airlines Now Available
Transavia Airlines is available as a TravelFusion ancillary carrier.