Etta Release Notes

Etta Platform Release

Release 2022.11.2

Hotel Room Bed Type
Travelers will see accurate hotel room bed type information in hotel search results.  

Guest Traveler KTN Number
Guest travelers will not need to re-enter their KTN number when they purchase a held trip.

AeroMexico Branded Fares
Travelers will be able to view branded fares as they shop with AeroMexico.

Virtual Pay Area Code
Virtual Pay transactions will provide Conferma with reliable, error-free area codes for fax numbers.

Duplicate Booking Alert
Travelers will see an alert to help prevent them from double booking one-way and multi-city trips.

Additional Hotel AmenIties
Travelers will be able to request additional hotel amenities. Including hypoallergenic bedding, extra pillows, and extra towels.

Out of Policy Reason Code in PNR
Travel Managers can edit the PNR to include out of policy reason codes.

SureStay Hotels Now Available
Travelers can search for and book hotels from the SureStay hotel chain.

Ariston Pessoa Regional Airport (JJD) Now Available
Travelers can search for and book flights to and from Ariston Pessoa Regional Airport (JJD).