Etta Release Notes

Etta Platform Release

Release 5.2 and 6.1

GDS Branded Fare Codes
Sabre and Amadeus sites will be updated to price and store fares using GDS branded fare codes starting July 5, 2023.

Different Fare Tier
Travelers can book different fare tiers in one itinerary.

Amadeus PNR Edits
Travel agents and managers can add special characters in Amadeus edits.

Reprice Error Update
When a traveler is returned to the search results page after a reprice error, the flight that failed will be marked as unavailable.

Lowest Fare in USD
The lowest fare will be defaulted in USD when results contain multiple currencies.

Hotel Change in Multi-City Booking
Travelers can change a hotel reservation in a multi-city booking.
Travelers are able to purchase hotels with a site card.

UpdateCar Service Confirmation Improvements
Details on the confirmation email for car service reservations have been improved.

Car Rental Search
Secondary car rental vendors will be searched when the primary vendor is not available at an airport location.