Deem Launches Early Access to New Version of Corporate Travel Booking Website, Etta

The new site includes delegate booking capability, updated shopping cart experience, EcoCheck, best in class usability, and Etta’s award-winning accessibility features.
February 23, 2023

Oakland, CA.Deem, a leading mobile-first corporate travel management software provider, today announced early access to its improved Etta business travel software booking website. Customers can request access from their Deem representative to experience advanced features including:

  • New e-commerce-style shopping cart that allows search and selection of hotels, flights, or rental cars in any order, and check-out when users are ready
  • Responsive design, offering a better travel booking experience regardless of the device being used
  • EcoCheck, with the same functionality and data that’s available in Etta for iOS and Android
  • Our award-winning accessibility features, built into Etta from the start, will now be fully realized in the desktop app so everyone can more easily book business travel on the Etta website
  • Delegate booking capability, so travel managers can reserve, manage, and monitor travel for their entire team, available in both the classic and new versions of Etta

Responsive design is now a must-have for all websites. A majority of people (92%) access the internet using a mobile phone, but nearly a quarter of websites are not mobile-friendly. And mobile device website traffic is only increasing—it was 59.5% as of Q3 2022. The new Etta corporate travel booking website will now automatically reformat for optimal performance on whichever platform is used to access it.

Sustainability information has rapidly increased in importance as well. Deem’s latest research conducted with GBTA (August 2022) showed that 77% of business travelers said reducing carbon footprint while traveling is a moderate or top priority, with travelers ages 18-34 accounting for the highest percentage (86%) of those survey respondents. And business travelers are willing to sacrifice to reduce carbon emissions during travel, for example, most will opt out of daily room cleaning, rent smaller vehicles, and fly premium class less often. EcoCheck, already available in the Etta mobile app, provides accurate carbon emissions data with contextual information and hotel scores within the travel booking process, where it’s needed most to make the right decisions for travelers.

Better accessibility is critical to enable more people to function effectively with digital platforms. The majority of adults with a disability own a laptop and smartphone, but 97.4% of the world’s top one million websites don’t offer full accessibility. In fact, as of Feb. 2022, 96.8% of home pages had detectable Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 failures. The new Etta web experience now features Deem’s award-winning accessibility capabilities that are available in the Etta mobile app. Both the Etta app and the new Etta web experience meet the WCAG 2 AA-level guidelines developed by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative.

“Our team is continually refining and improving our Etta software. This new Etta web experience is an achievement we’re especially proud of because we know it will benefit and include more people in even more ways. Our earliest users have told us they love how clean and easy to navigate it is, like a consumer site.”

- Harper Lieblich, vice president of product, Deem

Early access customers can activate the new Etta web experience via a toggle button that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. Once activated, the toggle is enabled for their entire site. This new release of the Etta business travel software will be enabled for all sites this summer.

Etta is the award-winning corporate travel management software from Deem. It includes features such as Travel SafetyCheck, which helps travelers understand and evaluate some of the risks associated with their trips, Uber for Business with Etta, so travelers can schedule ride hail in the same place as the rest of their travel and expenses, and cost control capabilities to help travel managers govern their business travel programs.