6 Ways the Etta Mobile App Streamlines Business Travel

September 27, 2022

The award-winning Etta mobile app from Deem — available on iOS and Android — is different from other corporate travel management software. Its cutting edge features highlight an intuitive user experience that’s accessible, beautiful, and convenient to use. This cloud-based travel management solution empowers business travelers to quickly shop for, book, and manage their travel, while travel managers enjoy improved adoption, increased policy compliance, and controlled spending.

Etta allows travelers to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and Uber rides all in one place. And booking ride hail in the same place as travelers’ other trip details provides greater insight into expense tracking, to help travel managers get a more complete and accurate accounting of costs.

Read on for seven ways the Etta mobile app transforms corporate travel, and check out our eBook for more details.

1. A complete mobile travel management tool

Etta provides more details during the booking process than other travel apps, while maintaining an unmatched level of simplicity. Not all mobile apps let travelers book flights, hotels and car rentals, but Etta isn’t like other travel apps.

2. Delegate booking on mobile

When you think about executives and VIPs, especially, it’s easy to understand why it’s so important that there’s a way to book and manage business trips on behalf of other people. When travel managers are assigned as a delegate, they can view, book, or make changes for others’ trips with our delegate booking feature on Android, and soon, on iOS.

3. View and share trip itineraries

Etta allows users to view flight, hotel, and car rental information all in one place so it’s easy to reference the required information when they need it most. Travelers can also share an itinerary with the tap of a button, so family, co-workers, or anyone else who needs their trip details has them immediately available, right in their inbox.

4. Duty of care with Travel SafetyCheck

One of the greatest considerations for both traveler and travel manager is safety — especially when a traveler is taking a trip to an unfamiliar location. With Travel SafetyCheck, neighborhood safety scores, cleanliness policies, and historic Covid-19 case data is made visible to travelers in the trip booking flow, so they can make safer decisions. It also helps travel managers provide more proactive duty of care that’s always up to date, without being burdened by manual research and communications.

5. Find more sustainable options with EcoCheck

More often, companies are considering the environment in all aspects of their operations. Etta allows for that consideration to be made in travel plans too. EcoCheck is a powerful carbon emissions assessment solution that displays the level of CO2 emissions expected for flights, hotels, and car rentals in a contextual way, so that travelers can easily understand the data and book more sustainable options. 

6. Search and book ride hail

Sometimes, ride hail can be the easiest way to get around. Etta is the first corporate travel mobile app that lets travelers book a ride with Uber for Business. Travelers have the convenience of using just one app for all of their mobility needs, and travel managers get new insight into their travelers’ ride hail usage and costs.

With a simple, organized, and intuitive user experience, and features that go above and beyond what other mobile apps can do, Etta is ready to change the way you do business travel. Check out our eBook to learn more, and download the Etta mobile app now.


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