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December 7, 2021

Have you ever struggled to get the right level of help to solve your travel issues? It’s not fun, is it? Whether you’re waiting for ground transportation or you’re running into problems updating a flight while you’re stuck at an airport, every traveler should be able to get the support they need at any point in their journey.

With Etta, they’re covered.

Ask Etta offers a built-in, step-by-step guide and an exhaustive knowledge base to automatically direct your travelers to the right information when they aren’t sure how to perform an action in the software. That means if your traveler is in a hurry and having trouble finding where to change a reservation, for instance, Ask Etta can walk them through the process — no phone calls needed — and get your traveler quickly on the move again.

The Ask Etta feature gives Etta an edge to help your travelers track down the information they need, right when they need it. They’re empowered to resolve issues without an agent’s assistance. And when your travelers can solve problems on their own, you create an ecosystem that naturally creates trust and improves adoption and compliance. With better adoption and compliance rates, you can save your organization countless hours while controlling travel costs.

What can Ask Etta do for me?

With its step-by-step instructions, Ask Etta is able to provide solutions that give travelers the support they need at any time. If Ask Etta can’t walk your traveler through a process as an answer, it provides a broad knowledge base where travelers can get their needed information. 

As Ask Etta becomes a consistent part of a traveler’s journey, it becomes a support presence that helps generate trust. And that encourages people to make the right decisions and stay compliant with your travel policy. Pretty neat, right?

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Even though Ask Etta is always there, it never gets in the way. Any time it’s needed, simply activating Ask Etta turns on an overlay on the user interface that provides easy-to-understand instructions. It shows the traveler exactly where to tap or what information to enter for any step in the travel booking or management process.

So, what’s the cost of all this added support that Ask Etta offers your travelers? Nothing. 

Every Etta user gets access to Ask Etta at no added cost. Etta is designed to be as helpful as possible, so this added assistance is already included for every user. Activating the feature is as easy as tapping a few buttons. 

Etta isn’t your typical, legacy travel platform. With Etta, any traveler is ready for the journey. And with the help that Ask Etta can provide on the fly, your team is sure to get to their destination easily and on time.

See more about how Etta can optimize your entire travel program today.


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