A Travel Safety Solution for Business Travelers

November 12, 2021

[This article was updated November 12, 2021, to include details about updated Travel SafetyCheck features.]

While some of the road warriors out there are excited to get back to traveling, we know that the U.S. vaccine rollout has gone more slowly than we’d like. Even when the more immediate worry of Covid-19 subsides, scientists tell us there are likely to be additional health emergencies in the future.

And there will always be risks and threats for travelers, whether because of a higher crime rate in the neighborhood of a hotel they’re considering, the traveler’s gender or how they identify, or even the status of basic freedoms in their destination.

As a travel manager, you need robust tools to help you empower your travelers to make the best decisions for their trips. You need a complete travel solution that’s easy to access anywhere, so travelers have the information they need on hand, at any point during their journeys.

Travelers need all their pertinent information located in one place, presented in a way that’s easy for them to use and remains relevant regardless of existing conditions. That’s why we created our now award-winning Travel SafetyCheck, the innovative travel safety technology built to offer convenience and reassurance for travelers getting back on the road.

Gold winner of 2021 Muse Design and silver winner of 2021 American Business Awards.
Travel SafetyCheck has won gold and silver in 2021 from Muse Design and The American Business Awards.

Travel safety technology features and benefits

With Travel SafetyCheck, travelers have access to health and safety information for their flight, hotel location, and rental car. And it’s built into the booking flow, to proactively provide travelers with the information they need when they need it most.

And a bonus for businesses and travel managers: There’s no additional cost to use Travel SafetyCheck, and nothing for you to connect to or set up.

Our partners and customers love the SafetyCheck feature. The feedback we’ve been getting has been overwhelming. Here’s one response we’ve received:

“I want to thank Deem from the bottom of my heart for the SafetyCheck enhancement. We spent a lot of time creating information pages and providing links to supplier sites so our travelers can find the safety protocols, but this puts it (and more!) at the point of booking and makes it so much simpler to digest. It is brilliant!

— Rebecca Jeffries, Travel Services Manager, Toyota Motor North America

So, we’re saving travel managers tons of time by not having to look everywhere to gather the latest relevant information and links. We’re also saving travelers the time of having to research the information, too.

Now let’s take a closer look at what’s included in SafetyCheck.

Air SafetyCheck

Partnering with Routehappy by ATPCO, Etta displays accurate, relevant, and detailed airline health and safety information on the flight search results page. For companies that want to support safer business travel – basically, everyone who is sending people out on the road on their behalf – this will help travelers feel safe and confident when they fly again.

The SafetyCheck logo, with the green and white check mark icon, is located on the top right of the flight results cards, as shown in the image below:

The green and white SafetyCheck name and icon can be found on the upper right side of flight results cards.

So, what’s included in the SafetyCheck link information? Travelers have access to health and safety updates when shopping for flights to help them pick the right airline and flight for their trip. The information categories travelers will see when booking flights include:

  • Mask requirements
  • Blocked seats
  • Clean air circulation
  • Enhanced cabin cleaning
  • Food and beverage hygiene
  • Increased airport cleaning
  • Larger hand sanitizer allowed
  • Flexible booking options

The image below shows how these categories appear on the page when you click the SafetyCheck icon:

SafetyCheck categories with additional details are displayed in a pop-up box on screen when the SafetyCheck name and icon are clicked.

This content is updated every 24 hours, so travelers can be sure the information is up to date and accurate.

With content from more than 120 airlines included, Air SafetyCheck enhances the flight information travelers see in the platform with standardized icons and hover-over details. These illustrative graphics offer easy-to-understand messaging meant to increase traveler awareness and decrease risk of acquiring an illness when flying.

For a quick look at requirements without clicking links, travelers can also move their computer mouse to hover over the icons that are displayed on each flight result card below the SafetyCheck name.

There are five possible categories of information available this way, including masks requirements, cleaning procedures for the plane, temperature check requirements, reduced capacity, and blocked seats on flights.

Neighborhood SafetyCheck

In partnership with global safety platform GeoSure, Neighborhood SafetyCheck allows travelers to quickly and easily view health and safety information for cities and neighborhoods where their potential destination hotels are located. The Neighborhood SafetyCheck feature is accessible where travelers need it most — on the hotel search results page during the booking process.

The SafetyCheck name and icon appear in the upper right corner, as seen below.

The hotel results page offers the SafetyCheck icon in the upper right corner and displays neighborhood travel safety scores below the map.

When researching a destination, travelers can review a global map showing confirmed novel coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries at the county and province levels (shown below.) Travelers can also access links to social pandemic resources for more information, as shown in the next image.

A map of historic and confirmed Covid-19 cases is shown for the destination location; links to additional resources are located in the lower information box on the map.

In addition to the Covid-19 map, travelers can access neighborhood safety assessment scores in seven safety categories, as seen below, including:

  • Nighttime safety
  • Physical safety
  • Theft
  • Basic freedoms
  • Health and medical
  • LGBTQ+ safety
  • Women’s safety
A pop-up box showing detail on neighborhood safety scores.

The information available in the Neighborhood SafetyCheck feature provides peace of mind for everyone. No matter what your travelers’ concerns are, Neighborhood SafetyCheck has the data they need.

Car SafetyCheck

Car rental companies, such as Enterprise, implemented rigorous cleaning and sanitizing mandates to ensure their cars are clean and safe for travelers. Travelers renting a car now have quick access to cleaning protocols and sanitizing procedures provided by car rental companies.

Conveniently located on the car rental page, travelers can view Car SafetyCheck information by clicking on the SafetyCheck name and icon. Again, you’ll see the name and green and white check mark icon at the top right of each car result card, as seen in the next image.

SafetyCheck is located above the informational icons and car images on the upper right side of car rental results pages.

Travelers can click on the Learn More button to visit the car rental company’s website for additional information. Here’s an example of this information box that appears on the screen:

A pop-up box on screen shows additional information on car rental company policies and procedures.

Safety Awareness for Your Travelers

We’re travelers as well as technology creators and users. So, we knew we needed to make sure our complete travel solution included as many relevant data points as possible.

We provide this information when and where travelers need it most — within the booking flow. Now, travelers only need to click on the SafetyCheck icon to find accurate, relevant information. And travel managers don’t have to spend time and valuable resources trying to collate the data for each destination travelers need to visit.

SafetyCheck On The Move

Neighborhood SafetyCheck on the Etta iOS mobile app shows scores for a neighborhood, measuring health and medical ratings, LGBTQ+ safety, basic freedoms, and more.

With the Etta iOS mobile app, travelers can get the right information delivered straight to their phone, wherever they go. Packed with safety features like Air SafetyCheck and Neighborhood SafetyCheck, the Etta iOS mobile app is ready to keep travelers safe, every step of the way.

There is so much uncertainty around travel right now. But there will always be a need for business travel, despite a pandemic or any other of the numerous disruptions that can happen. That’s why we continue to invest in building technology that’s robust and informative.

See how Etta makes things easier for travel managers.


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