Corporate Travel Gets Better with New Deem

February 28, 2023
  • The New Deem web experience is designed to improve corporate travel using guidance from traveler and customer feedback.
  • Booking a trip has been simplified to allow travelers to search for and book accommodations in any order for a more seamless experience.
  • A responsive design gives travelers the technology to book a business trip from their favorite desktop or mobile device.
  • This article is for travel managers who need to build an efficient corporate travel program that offers the options to encourage policy adoption. 

When we started building the New Deem web experience, feedback from our customers and partners was instrumental in guiding us from a very early stage. Our user feedback is what drives our efforts—it’s helping us make sure that anyone who logs into the New Deem web experience will be able to book their travel without frustration, no matter where they are, and no matter what device they’re using.

People expect a consumer-level experience when booking leisure travel and we wanted to deliver something in line with those expectations for corporate travel. It shouldn’t matter whether someone is using a mobile device, a tablet, or a desktop computer to book corporate travel. 

Business travel should be seamless. Software to book a work trip should allow anyone to pick it up and start booking a trip straight away. Just as with our award-winning classic Deem platform, users can easily get started with the New Deem web experience. Our improved desktop platform now has more of the user experience and features Deem is known for.

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Travel management tools in New Deem

As consumer travel platforms evolve, so too should Deem. Our product and engineering teams are always exploring the latest innovations in consumer travel and making sure we’re integrating those into Deem for our business focused travelers. 

During development, we always try to make the experiences consistent and interlinked. A great example of this is our brand new shopping cart experience. New Deem allows users to select and book services in any order and check out when they want to. 

Travelers can even add services to their journey as they need them. For example, I might find a great flight, but I may not be sure yet where to stay. I’d want to only book a flight for now, then look at the hotel options and add them to the trip later. With New Deem, it’s quite easy to edit a trip later and add services as you need them. A lot of thinking went into that change and we think it’s one that travelers will really appreciate. 

Naturally, this also applies to delegate booking—the experience for delegate bookers is exactly the same as for the traveler themselves. Let’s say you’re going to book travel for someone on your team. In a typical delegate booking flow you’ll see every delegate you can book for, which creates some difficulty managing travelers or the trips themselves. In the New Deem web experience, you can toggle to a delegate mode, which will show you just the trips for the traveler you’re assisting at the time. 

Technology for sustainability

As companies are starting to reduce their own carbon footprint, they’re developing internal corporate carbon emissions policies. However, when it comes to corporate travel, organizations aren’t quite sure where to look. When exploring airline websites, for example, information could be explained more clearly. 

Does an organization know what the carbon footprint would be for a 7 am flight versus an 11 am option? Would one hotel offer a drastically lower carbon footprint for a trip? It’s now increasingly important that Deem provide the information to allow travelers to make informed decisions while traveling. 

With EcoCheck as a part of the New Deem web experience, travelers can see clear carbon emissions data for flights, hotels, or even rental cars to help travelers make greener decisions. 

Accessible business travel software

From the start, Deem was built for accessibility. That means whenever we add anything, even the smallest UI component, we always make sure that we build accessibility into that element as well.

The New Deem web experience is built to support screen readers and is easy to use through keyboard navigation alone. The colors and contrast used within the platform are tailored to people living with visual impairments. And there are many more features to help all travelers feel the New Deem web experience is a joy to use.

Responsive design adjusts to any device

The New Deem web experience delivers a fully responsive design, allowing any traveler to plan, book, and manage a trip from any device. Our work is now more remote or hybrid than ever. Companies are much more flexible in terms of what devices employees can use to get work done, and travelers find themselves relying more on their mobile devices. Whether a traveler is booking a trip from their company desktop computer or needs to make changes from their mobile phone while they’re on the go, the New Deem web experience optimizes the booking flow for any device. 

All of the feedback we’ve received from our users and partners have led to large design changes, small tweaks, and everything in between. Traveler feedback is a huge resource for us here at Deem and every piece adds up to make a huge difference in creating something better.

The New Deem web experience is different from any booking tool you’ve seen. We’re proud to deliver the best user experience and the best business travel software today.

Get started with the New Deem web experience today.


Wiga Galusza
Sr. Product Manager

Wiga has been working as Product Manager in the travel industry for the last 4 years. She’s passionate about building and delivering products that bring great user experiences to customers. Her personal philosophy is that customer feedback is the single most important way to create products that consumers love to use.

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