Travel and Expense, Simplified.

October 14, 2019

In recent years, we’ve seen an increased emphasis on integrating travel and expense. This makes sense: there is value to having that frictionless connection between the two applications, where an expense report is auto-populated when a traveler books a trip. For travelers, this means they save time by finishing a portion of their expense report before they even leave for their trip. And the seamless connection means no need for yet another username and password. These things save time so the traveler can focus on their job and not waste time filling in an expense report.

Historically, travel and expense haven’t been easily integrated.  That is until now. As a Workday partner, Deem will be able to provide customers with an integrated solution that’s powered by Workday Expenses. As a Workday Access Partner, we are focused on delivering integration to make the customer experience even better.

“Travelers everywhere have challenges submitting expense reports,” said Todd Kaiser, SVP Business Development, Deem. “At Deem, we’re taking as much of that pain away as possible by automatically passing travel booking data into expense reporting software, like Workday’s. This saves users from manually entering expenses and allows corporate travel managers to better control travel spending.”

On our path to Workday certification, we are working with our first Lighthouse customer. We have been working with this Lighthouse customer for several months and are now in the process of enabling them to pass transactions from Deem travel to Workday expense. By leveraging our Workday integration, our Lighthouse customer can configure our two great solutions to meet its unique business needs without any disruption to their business processes or workflow.

For customers, this means improved data accuracy on both the amount charged and who is charging the company. And with our Workday Certified integration comes enhanced data, combining travel and expense. With more T&E data the company can better track travelers for their safety, track policy adherence, and run analytics to evaluate programs.

We’re excited for our new partnership with Workday and look forward to bringing our solution to other Workday customers. For more information about Workday Expenses, visit Workday. To learn more about Deem’s Open Expense Alliance program, visit And please come visit us at Booth E21 at Workday Rising in Orlando, FL; let us demonstrate for you the benefits of this great partnership.


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