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June 28, 2022

As business is picking up again, corporate road warriors are excited to get back out there, see old friends, meet clients, and build new partnerships. However, there’s still some uncertainty about travel safety and policy compliance. And some of the issues travelers could face go beyond health and safety concerns, including understanding the environmental impact of their business travel.

When your travelers book the wrong trip, it creates a cascade of avoidable problems. It could come in the form of complex air travel with multiple unnecessary layovers—and that can also mean greater carbon emissions tallies that have a negative impact on your sustainability goals. Travelers could book a hotel room on the opposite side of town from their meeting, leading to additional and unnecessary expenses. Or your travelers may simply be unaware that they’ve booked a hotel in a neighborhood they may feel less than comfortable in.

With the award-winning Etta mobile app, now available for iOS and Android, your travelers get the support they need to make the right decisions throughout their entire trip.

Travel management tools for every body

Before your employees ever go on their trip, they need a way to easily book and manage it. We took time developing our Etta Mobile platform, testing our software design and user interface (UI) to make sure Etta Mobile is one of the easiest and most intuitive corporate travel apps your travelers will ever use.

Whether it’s quickly switching to a map view to find hotel options, using a color scheme to accommodate colorblind or visually impaired users, or getting real-time safety updates, the Etta mobile app was built to make sure booking travel is streamlined for everyone with accessibility features.

Etta follows the World Wide Web Consortium’s accessibility guidelines, providing a broad array of options for multiple conditions like visual, hearing, or cognitive impairments. A dynamic UI offers a high-contrast color scheme to help improve visibility, while text-based support helps the hearing impaired get the help they need without having to talk to anyone over the phone. And with its clean, calm interface, travelers with dyslexia or cognitive challenges can get the information they need for an upcoming trip in a calming, easy-to-navigate interface.

Better yet, all of these accessibility features help improve the entire travel experience for everyone. If you’ve ever needed to make text sizes larger or used a voice-to-text feature to get things done hands free, you’ve already experienced some of the benefits of accessibility features.

Book corporate travel your way

When booking a trip on Etta, there’s no particular order your travelers need to follow to make reservations. If there’s a specific hotel they want to book, they can reserve a room first and build the rest of their trip around that. Or, if they want to start with renting a car, they can figure out their flights and hotel later. The choice is theirs.

Booking flights is a breeze with the Etta mobile app, which allows travelers to book a one way, round trip, or multi-city flights, with all their preferences and awards numbers automatically incorporated. And they can easily reserve their preferred seat on a seat map. The Etta mobile app offers the details they need to prepare for flights, too—Air SafetyCheck’s airline-specific health and safety information is found easily within the booking flow.

When searching for a hotel, travelers can use a list view to quickly find a specific location or use a map view. With the map view in Etta Mobile, travelers are able to find lodgings near the right office or venue, or browse various locations to find some great restaurants or nightlife for their downtime.

Each hotel displayed on Etta features photos of the property and Tripadvisor ratings. Listings also come with Neighborhood SafetyCheck information to provide health and safety details. And of course, the Etta mobile app also includes amenities information, particularly your organization’s negotiated amenities, to encourage your travelers to make a reservation that’s compliant with your corporate travel policy.

Last but hardly least are car rental options. If you’ve already selected a flight and hotel, car rental options will automatically populate based on travel dates and the airport you’re traveling to. Naturally, travelers can quickly change the dates or rental location, and as time passes, Etta will identify their travel preferences for a future trip to make the booking process even faster the next time around.

Uber for Business with Etta

Your traveler found the perfect hotel. They reserved that window seat on a non-stop flight. Now, let’s get them to the airport by reserving a ride with Uber for Business with Etta. Once they’ve got a trip booked, they can request and reserve an Uber directly from Etta Mobile.

Uber for Business with Etta screen shots: Reserve a ride and confirmation screens.
Uber for Business with Etta — screen shots of a reservation and the ride confirmation.

After an Uber is reserved, Etta Mobile will send a reminder 24 hours before a trip, and a driver will be ready and waiting at the arranged time. Uber + Etta also streamlines the entire booking process by keeping a record of reservations and Uber trips within a single itinerary to provide full visibility and reporting on traveler activities.

Available only on Etta Mobile, Uber for Business with Etta delivers a complete, multimodal solution to business travel. With Uber and Etta, it’s  easier than ever for travelers to manage every leg of a journey, and for the team back home provide enhanced duty of care.

Technology for sustainability

Are you looking for more ways to lower your corporate carbon footprint? Making smarter sustainability choices is easier than ever with Etta Mobile and EcoCheck

As travelers browse through flights, hotels, or rental cars, EcoCheck presents accurate carbon emissions data, as rated by our sustainability partner, Thrust Carbon. Measured by multiple systems like DEFRA Fuel methodology or ICAO, EcoCheck presents emissions data in relatable terms, directly within the booking flow.

Rental car options compare emissions by car class. Flights highlight the emissions per route and how different flights compare to the average. Hotels receive scores based on their sustainability practices, and listings display any independent certifications they may have. 

Instead of just showing how much CO2 you prevented through a trip, EcoCheck also provides contextual information, such as the number of trees that would be needed to capture those emissions. All to make sure travelers understand the full impact of a greener trip.

And speaking of green, yes, travelers can even request a ride from Uber Green in more than 1400 cities.

Changing trip details is easier, too

I’m sure you or your travelers have experienced this scenario: Your meetings ended early and you want to get home sooner, but it’s a hassle to change flights so you just have to wait at the airport for a few hours. Wouldn’t it be better if you (or your travelers) could change your flight to an earlier time right inside the app?

With the Etta mobile app, not only do you get the flexibility to switch flights, you can make that change with one hand and without having to stop at the ticketing counter. If you need support for any questions, Etta can put you in contact with travel support through a phone call or an email. And once everything’s booked, you can easily share your itinerary with colleagues or family.

If one of your travelers needs help arranging a trip, delegate booking lets you step in. Etta Mobile lets you manage travel for as many people as you need, so you can arrange travel for everyone from the CEO down to a new hire. Multiple delegates can be designated, so your entire team is always covered.

Etta mobile apps—for iOS and Android—give travelers a powerful partner to make last minute changes on any leg of their journey, or even cancel the entire trip, with just a few taps. And corporate travelers get an easy way to streamline every step of any trip with a phenomenal partner that fits in their pocket.

Etta integrates with most expense platforms so you get the best travel and the best expense solutions for your company. Learn more about the award winning Etta today.


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