Deem Adds Carbon Emissions Information and Scoring to Etta Business Travel Software

The new partnership with Thrust Carbon provides actionable sustainability data to corporate travelers within the Etta booking flow.
April 29, 2022

Oakland, CA.Deem, a leading mobile-first corporate travel management software provider, today announced it is adding carbon emissions information and scoring for flights, hotels and car rentals within the booking flow in its Etta travel management software. The new EcoCheck feature provides environmental impact details and scores through a partnership with Thrust Carbon, which uses best-in-class methodologies to reach the most accurate carbon calculations. EcoCheck sustainability details will be available in Etta on Android and in the new Etta web experience by the end of May 2022.

There is currently a disparity between the travel industry’s sustainability targets and what travelers want. For example, the aviation industry has committed to being net zero carbon by 2050, but 66% of business travelers surveyed expect their employer to make sustainable travel options available now. In fact, just 64% of organizations have a dedicated program for reducing their environmental impact from travel, despite belief by 89% of leaders that sustainable business travel is vital for their brand.

“It’s clear travelers are excited to participate in their employer’s sustainability initiatives, but not every company is ready to get started in a tangible way. EcoCheck helps employees understand the environmental impact of their business trips with emissions data built right into their search results. And our partnership with Thrust Carbon means that information is both accurate and well contextualized for users.”

- Harper Lieblich, Vice President of Product, Deem

“We believe that operating sustainably should be effortless,” said Kit Brennan, founder and director of product at Thrust Carbon. “That's why we’re so excited about the combination of Etta and Thrust Carbon’s technology. The new EcoCheck feature is a simple way for Etta users to factor sustainability into their business travel decisions in an easy and meaningful way.”

EcoCheck displays emissions data for air, hotel and car rental—as well as total CO2 for the trip presented during and after booking—so travelers can quickly assess their ecological impact when looking for a flight, hotel, or car rental. Specific information for each trip segment includes:

Air: CO2 emissions are based on the route, flight number, carrier, aircraft type and class. Travelers will see how flights compare to the average for that route as well as the estimated amount of CO2 emitted.

Car rental: CO2 emissions are based on the location, car type and duration of rental; average per day mileage is used for calculations and results may vary based on how far travelers drive. Travelers will be able to see how a specific car class compares to the average for that location as well as the estimated amount of CO2 emitted.

Hotel: Travelers will see the Thrust Carbon Hotel Sustainability Index, a score out of 100 for many of the hotels on the planet (100 being the highest rating.) This scoring system takes into account many data points including hotel property carbon footprint measurements and net zero plans.

Hotel information factored into the scoring system includes Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) data, Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking (CHSB) data, the hotel’s market segment (e.g., midscale, upscale, full service resort, etc.), any eco-labels that a hotel has achieved, and eco-label quality and third-party verification, among other indicators.

Travelers will also be able to see a comparison between each hotel and the average sustainability score for that area.

EcoCheck provides relatable sustainability equivalents, such as the number of plastic bags produced that would result in the same carbon emissions. The feature also uses visual queues by presenting grayscale images for less sustainable choices and bright green images for more sustainable choices. Travelers will see detailed information on how CO2 emissions are calculated and tips on how to travel in a more sustainable way.

Etta has won numerous awards for its Travel SafetyCheck feature, accessibility features, and design, and is highly rated by users on G2 and mobile app stores. Deem recently announced a new collaboration with Uber’s enterprise arm, Uber for Business. The new integration will enable business travelers to request on-demand and scheduled rides with Uber for Business directly within the Etta desktop and mobile corporate travel booking platform. Learn more about how Etta’s traveler-centric approach helps stop leakage and save companies time and money at

About Thrust Carbon

Thrust Carbon has a vision of a world where our actions don't have to cost the earth. As the leading carbon intelligence platform in travel, they report, reduce, and remove emissions. Their IATA & BTN award-winning products are easy to integrate, deliver market leading accuracy, and total transparency.