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January 25, 2022

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your team a way to remove the guesswork of corporate travel? Something to keep your road warriors seamlessly moving forward while choosing all the right accommodations along the way? Well, good news — that’s exactly what Dynamic Site Messaging (DSM) for Etta, powered by Deem, was built for.

With DSM, Etta allows a travel management company (TMC) or travel manager to create custom messages that can be displayed to travelers as they’re booking their next trip. These messages are intended to clearly communicate information that helps simplify your travel program, while giving your travelers a streamlined way to find what they need.

In short, DSM gives you a way to enrich your corporate booking experience with contextual information that not only informs, but encourages your travelers to find convenient, compliant accommodations. So, what can DSM do to improve your travel program? Let’s count the ways.

The right notifications improve communications

There are two different methods to engage with a traveler through DSM: Active messages and  informational messages. An active message is displayed as a lightbox notification that needs to be closed, ensuring your travelers see imperative information. An informational message conveys communications without ever getting in the way. That information could include alerts about new features, travel advisories, or policy reminders.

With DSM, you have a way to directly engage with your travelers before, during or after any trip. And by delivering either type of notification, you can help streamline the entire booking process by guiding your team as they search for flights and hotels, provide post-booking guidance to help prepare for the upcoming trip, and follow up on their experience once the excursion has ended.

But what about custom messaging for different devices, you ask? Well, DSM gives Etta a way to display messages on mobile devices and on desktop computers. Messages can be different for both Etta mobile app  and Etta web app, all to help you provide the right message at the right time, improve compliance and help streamline your entire travel program. 

A traveler's view on Etta for mobile of Dynamic Site Messaging showing messages about car rental insurance (on left) and choosing sustainable hotels (on right.)
A traveler's view of Dynamic Site Messages on Etta for iOS mobile phones. Messages appear at the top of the screen, over choices in the active booking area.

Popular perks of Dynamic Site Messaging

DSM can be used to communicate virtually any type of message, such as policy changes or your agency’s office hours, throughout the booking process and at any point in a traveler’s trip. Unused ticket notifications are available to remind travelers of existing credit, and you could assign messages to appear when a selected hotel is out of policy or even a note to let travelers know how far in advance they need to reserve a rental car.

Etta currently has 45 scripts ready to go to handle the most popular use cases. But if you’d like to take things a step further, DSM was built on a  JavaScript (JS) engine to give you an approachable way to tailor the notifications you provide. For those already familiar with coding for JS, travel managers and TMCs can easily create custom DSM notifications with different font sizes, colors, or images. The only limit is your imagination.

A user's view of a Dynamic Site Message on Etta desktop, showing visa requirements for trip and a note on how to share the trip details.
A traveler's view of Etta Dynamic Site Messages about visa requirements and how to share their trip on Etta for desktop.

A user's view of a Dynamic Site Message with a note about car rental loyalty program benefits on desktop version of Etta, by Deem.
A traveler's view of a Dynamic Site Message about rental car loyalty benefits on Etta for desktop.

Dynamic Site Messaging use case

One of our partners was able to create a notification designed to help improve its sustainability efforts. By using custom fields to create a message that directs users travel options, they were able to encourage travelers to make more eco-friendly choices to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Discover how Etta can help you create clear communications to create a flexible and functional corporate travel program.


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