Integrated Tools for Business Travel and Spend Management

October 11, 2022

As a leading provider of corporate travel solutions, Deem designed Etta to be a travel management platform that people can trust and rely on when out on the road. With our partnership with Workday, Etta offers a complete travel management solution that’s fully integrated with this powerful expense platform.

After completing a rigorous security and certification process, Deem’s integration with Workday provides travel managers the ability to create a focused ecosystem that manages corporate travel and expense (T&E) while improving the user experience itself. With Etta and Workday working together to simplify corporate travel, it’s easier than ever to help your travelers streamline expense reports and stay compliant when traveling for business.

Why partner with Workday? 

Remember when you’d forget to submit an expense report for a pricey dinner with clients? Have you ever made a mistake when typing in the cost of an Uber ride? It can create headaches for travelers, travel managers, and the accounting department. But by creating a fully integrated travel and expense solution, those days are gone. 

As a certified integration partner, Etta gives travel managers a seamless way to combine the best in corporate travel with a best-in-class expense platform. It removes the guesswork of what works and what doesn’t. People won’t forget expenses or make mistakes when entering them. And better yet, travel managers can fully customize a T&E program with all the functionality they need and none of the compromise. 

As a flight is booked, a hotel room is paid for or an Uber ride is completed, Etta can transfer that activity directly into Workday as it happens. With Workday’s cloud-based expense management tools, travel managers get embedded, actionable, real-time analysis of traveler spending activity without leaving the platform. A fully digital T&E solution means travelers can submit expenses anytime, anywhere, and quickly get them approved.

With a platform like Workday working directly with Deem, users find that they have a single source of truth for their travel and expense information. This experience is what today’s corporate travelers and financial managers expect to have — and Deem was the first in the market to offer it on this level.

T&E beyond technological integration

Technological integration of the two platforms is important, but the partnership between Deem and Workday goes well beyond solutions that seamlessly connect.

What makes this partnership great is that we at Deem not only understand exactly what works for the market and what doesn’t, but that we share the same goals. At the end of the day, we’re making things better for other people, and that’s what matters the most.

When a traveler uses Etta, they get a mobile-first corporate travel platform that’s able to fit in their pocket. Etta Mobile, available for iOS and Android, gives travelers access to mobile-only features that make business travel better for everyone. This includes features like Uber for Business with Etta, which lets travelers schedule a ride before their trip and gives travel managers visibility into ride hail expenses as they happen.

Other features include Automatic Ticket Exchange (ATE), which helps travelers rebook, reuse, and refund unused flight tickets. While ATE helps travelers make the most of their air travel — and travel managers make the most of their budgets — EcoCheck gives them visibility into carbon emissions ratings for their flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. Etta and Workday automatically account for all the associated expenses for those reservations.

Imagine a world where every action in a business trip is accurately transferred into an expense platform. Everything would be easier and more efficient. Travel managers could easily assess travel spend and stay on track, while employees can be quickly reimbursed after every trip. Spontaneous high fives could even erupt throughout an elated accounting department.

Make that utopia a reality today with Etta and Workday



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